If you ended on this page, you may want to know more.... Well here it goes!

My name is Steven Nadaskai and I'm a 22 year old from Southern California. I founded TYPCL in late 2018 and the first apparel release being in July of 2019. The brand itself has been a way for me to create something that's amazing to me and also something that can create a a positive change in the outside world. From when I was a kid, I've always been the positive and happy one with even making negative have a positive outlook. Over the years, I learned and experienced first hand how important mental health and how easily it's overlooked.

Being in the generation of technology brings the mindset of instant gratification and judgement. Instant gratification has an effect because your mind will become accustomed to think negatively and "bummed out" when not having certain things happen instantaneously. Theres a reason why patience is a virtue. Then the next being judgement. There's a lot of hatred and with social media being a vast platform, judgement can be spread as easily as 4 clicks on the screen then sent.

Besides those two important things, there's one of the biggest factors of your mental health and that's your everyday life. From your personal life, to your work life, you carry a lot on your back including a lot of stress. Stress eats away at your mental health if not taken care of properly. The most important thing someone can do is being aware of their mental health, understanding it, then being able to control it.